Juli upplagan
Postad av Sampo den 2 Jul 2009 vid 21:37

Så vad händer i Juli

Jag passar på att skriva här på första sidan. nyheter är fina.

Jag har flyttat. Den nya lägenheten ligger i alby, och det kommer väl en fest. Vi kommer bli tre personer, men lägenheten är inte helt klar och ja, mycket att fixa

Hur spelandet under juli ser ut vet jag inte. Vad jag vet så kommer jag själv vara borta från 5-9 juli. Sen över 16-19, och slutligen från 30 och vidare in i augusti.

Mio var uppe och hälsade på i stockholm, jag han inte med att ses så mycket men det verkar som det var trevligt. alla som sågs vet ju hur det var.

Konventet går framåt. jag hinner inte riktigt med allting och tappar ork av flytten och stress med att behöva fixa jobb och funderingar kring egenföretagande och sverok. en salig röra.

Men det kommer lösa sig. och jag hoppas någon har planer för spel nu på lördag till exempel. annars så tycker jag vi spelar något. kanske något rollspelande, vem vet.

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Greetings and welcome to the bholospgere Juli. You @ Oct 11th 2015 1:52
Greetings and welcome to the bholospgere Juli. You are a dynamic, forward looking leader in our community and I applaud your years of great work in our district. To answer your question off the top of my head, I think there are 3 fundamental skills we should focus on to help our children be successful in our global economy. 1. Lifelong Learning is our key to a strong future. K-16 is the real base of education now. High School Graduation is not the end. We know that high school students in several other countries are pushed harder and further in their education. K12 was designed when we were moving from the farm to the factory. Let's redesign it to move from the factory to individual. Children in other country's are going to school longer in hours per day and days per week. This eventually will create knowledge workers that will continue to dominate new job creation. We need to instill learning is now a lifetime requirement. Learning to reinvent yourself. How do we turn an out into an in?2. Change Adaptability is a key still to surviving the future. Life changes faster today and will change faster in the future. How do we cope with that? How do we plan around it? How do we accept it and learn from it? Something you know to be true today be be proven false tomorrow. What are you going to do? How will you react?3. Time, Place and Culture matter and they don't. There is no right way or wrong way to live. What we say is right here is wrong there. We need to understand it, not judge it or ourselves. We need to learn to work apart, independently and online. We need to understand new communication etiquette in this global online world. We need to understand different world cultures and ethos so that we can work effectively together as a planet. How do you teach these skills? How do you integrate it into the fabric of the school district? It's not a class. It's a core skill development infused in every class.
Also, I believe you could just <a href="http://vqa @ Oct 12th 2015 10:11
Also, I believe you could just <a href="http://vqawmoo.com">serach</a> (by author or title) in your archived items' on your (intended target) kindle (archive can be selected from main menu, or simply found on the last page of home page(s) content which can be reached quickly by tapping in that last page number, shown on the home page at the bottom left (right?), and then clicking at least this works on the keyboard kindle and may have a paperwhite version as well), then, on chosen selection in the archive, tap/click for download to Home page (may need to move left or right arrow key to find that option)
Jim,Thanks for your comments. I esaipeclly agree w @ Oct 12th 2015 17:53
Jim,Thanks for your comments. I esaipeclly agree with your Life Long Learning and adaptability comments. To me, the key to helping students be life long learners is to make sure that they understand how they learn, what their learning style is, and what resources they can access to support their learning style. I am not so sure about what we can do to make sure that our students are adaptable and resilient. I worry that growing up in Ashland's sheltered cacoon, that many of our students may not learn these skills. http://fzoxolokp.com [url=http://saannde.com]saannde[/url] [link=http://scyvukd.com]scyvukd[/link]
Carol,Thanks for your comment! I agree that <a hr @ Oct 13th 2015 0:47
Carol,Thanks for your comment! I agree that <a href="http://hzspobbvage.com">coumonicatimn</a> is a criticial skill for our kids. It is even more critical as they learn to communicate across platforms and cultures. How will they know how to communicate effectively when they may not ever meet the person face to face? How about if that person was raised in a diferent country with different cultural norms and practices?

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