Mi !!
Postad av Mio den 21 Jan 2010 vid 12:55

Hej på er ...
Jag har en liten fråga?
Det är så här att jag och Sandra vill komma upp och seja hej.
Så vi tänkt löneheljen i februari skulle vara en bra hälj för det.

Så nu undrar jag om det är någon som kan tänka sig hitta på något den heljen med lila mig och sandra. =^.^=

kramar Mio

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Sampo @ Jan 24th 2010 0:59
Jag kommer vara iväg till linköping den helgen är jag rätt så säker på, för möte. Men jag kan tänka mig att det kan finnas folk som kanske kan tänka sig att spela.
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I have one last comment, too, both about Finnish lore and about cats.Your meiontn of the Finnish heroes reminded me of a childhood pastime. I never paid much attention when I was a kid to how we acquired books except when the encyclopedia salesman came to the door and my parents bought the whole set but at one time we acquired a big thick book of the mythologies of the different cultures of the world.The Scandinavian mythologies particularly drew me, and that probably accounted for what types of books I read in my first forays into science fiction reading yeah, Conan the Barbarian As for the Finnish mythologies, the lyrical names are what I remember best so much more poetic than names like Loki or Odin or Thor. I loved ALL the tales, though. Cats as prey when out on their own predatory forays coyotes have been a bane both in the Snohomish county Washington state community we lived in in the '90s, and the last 8 years here on the Oregon coast.We started out with 2 cats when we moved to Sno.Co., and lost them both to coyotes before we moved to Oregon we had acquired one store-bought cat and 3 strays. We moved into a combined household with my sister, her son, and 3 more cats eventually we lost everyone of them but the store-bought cat to coyotes, again. We currently have 2 more cats who seem to coexist with the neighborhood raccoons fine I expect the coyotes have only found better pickings elsewhere
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