New Years Day
Postad av Ryn den 23 Dec 2008 vid 21:27

Time to start planning a News Year Party! Let me know if you have any ideas!

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Blueroot @ Dec 27th 2008 17:14
I'd like to climb the mountain behind ICA Maxi, you know to look at all the fireworks, but I'm guessing everyone's too lazy to go out :P
Sampo @ Dec 28th 2008 10:02
blue has a nice suggestion. and surely might be right. But it's still something afew of us can do.
I'd like something drinkable, sure soda, but also something more. I'll see what i can do about drinkables, any preferances?
Blueroot @ Dec 30th 2008 19:06
I believe Alex is making Sangrias for us all :)
Various ciders can be tasty, and perhaps hot chocolate with Baileys/other creamy stuff would be nice in this cold winter time.

As for non-alcoholic beverages; Julmust, Tea and hot chocolate/coffee is something I can imagine enjoying :)
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