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Roligt nog nu då.

Vi var på LinCon. det var väl rätt kul. Några var nere en dag andra flera.
Jag tycker det var ganska kul, mycket att göra, mycket stress av någon anledning.

Nu kommer jag vara nere i linköping igen i två veckor. så jag missar onsdagar och torsdagars spel på olika sätt.

men vore nice om vi kunde fixa någon lista över rollspel som leds, dvs om ni ska spela något på onsdagar så kan man ju få upp det innan och på en mailing lista kanske också.
typ info(a) går ut till alla med mailadress, vilket faktiskt är rätt så många.

vi ska också ta och genomföra en ordentlig medlemsupptagning. regler för sverok är att medlemmar måste antingen aktivt skriva under på att de är medlemmar, antingen på papper eller digitalt (vet inte hur) eller betala medlemsavgift.
vore bra att komplettera listan i och med att vi fixar typ årsmötesprotokoll, som jag inte vet om det är klart.

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WOW! I had tears in my eyes reading this!!!! Tha @ Oct 12th 2015 17:53
WOW! I had tears in my eyes reading this!!!! Thank you SO much for vatadiling my suspicions. I had an MH episode in 1985. I nearly died. I was in limbo while they figured out the issue for about 10 hours. I was 7 at the time. I do not have any diagnosed muscle disorders. With my exercise in recent years, I have experienced an onslaught of muscle pain that has not been able to be diagnosed; pain that lasts far longer than that of my fellow runners, joggers and weight lifting friends. I do not feel sick; but often, I do not feel well. I have had nearly 30 UTI's, many of which have become kidney infections. I had one surgery between 1985 and now, but I was a kid, so when I had a simple laproscopic surgery a month ago, I didn't think anything of it. I did tell them I was MH+ and they took precautions. Everything went fine. However, since that time, I have been aching so badly.I have had a slew of tests: no infection, no temp and no unusual or obvious diagnosis, but I have EXTREME muscle fatigue, weakness and aching. I have increased my water consumption, as I have noticed there is a feeling of almost constant dehydration.At this point, folks like me can't really call in and tell their bosses they need to stay home, or feel justified in feeling horrible. I would like to put a name on this pain. I feel like that, at least, would be something. I would welcome any information anyone could provide on places to start forums or support groups, if anything like that exists.Thank you so much for working hard for people like me. [url=]cmxoydqn[/url] [link=]fknelyvopdt[/link]
Hall Medical Center, TX . . . where upon the neuro @ Oct 13th 2015 0:47
Hall Medical Center, TX . . . where upon the neuro-muscular physician <a href="">hyhptoesized</a> that I had some sort of MH reaction to the heat (I assume based upon lab work & apparent rhabdomyolysis). (2) Then more recently June of 2011 I ended up hospitalized (@ The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) for rhabdomyolysis. And though my level of fitness has continued to decline over the years . . . my level of exercise has been drastically adjusted to consist of riding a bike along the DC bike trails (about 5-10 miles, at about 12-13 mph, temps below 70-75 degree temps). . . . In closing my comments; I wanted to share that one of my parents and 3 of my 5 siblings (1 sibling was not tested) share my novel RYR1 mutation and all 3 share some similar muscle issues. But even more interesting (to me anyway) the one sibling w/ most similar muscle symptoms does not have the mutation. Side Note: we're not a close family; so, it was quite enlightening to discover these physiological similarities after years of estrangement. I do have ongoing interaction w/ Dr. Muldoon as she's continued to follow my (& my family's) situation over these many years. However, I felt a need to share my story (w/out being too personally identifying) on this topic of Awake MH " as even though the science' seems to be slow to address it . . . my body clearly tells me something has changed since 1998/1999 . . . (other than just getting older, ) Thanks for your time and all you do.Sincerely,SS
Hello Dr Rosenburga number of years ago my oebrhtr @ Oct 13th 2015 14:51
Hello Dr Rosenburga number of years ago my oebrhtr had a mh type of reaction to Aenesthesia,, he was having a stent placed between the liver and pancreas i believe,, Luckily he pulled through but i dont know what type of treatment he received,,about a year ago i began to try to get a diagnosis for what i believe is andersen tawil syndrome,,which includes certain facial features (similar to king denborough syndrome,, I also have shown some unusual reactions to sedating meds,,i have a wakened during surgery, My daughter has awaked during surgery as well,,I also have to have extra lidocaine and extra time for it to take affect before dental work,,My children and i both have sensory overload issues which can also be attributed to this condition,,Supplementing with potassium about 100meq a day has helped quite a bit,, My doctor is giving some thought to acetazolide (inspra?) in addition.. My serum potassium has not been tested out of the normal range,,I will be having genetic testing done to see if they can determine a genetic variant that we may have in our family,, if im understanding your article correctly we dont necessarily have the true MH of the genetic type,, would the muscle contraction test still be beneficial? We should also take the same precautions as a person with the genetic diagnosis? Would emergency care be the same as for an individual with the ryr genetic mutation as a person with the mh like attacks? thank you for your response.. karen carr [url=]etnnijec[/url] [link=]qdddjdjhkr[/link]

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