Garden work
Postad den 6 Jun 2010 vid 13:18

I've done a bunch of garden work now that I finally got some leca balls.
I have three tomato plants growing now. Instead of throwing away the rest of the tomato plants I took a bunch and planted them together in a small container, as an experiment, just to see what happens.

I have two buckets of chili with four chili plants each, the rest were too weak so I discarded them. The four peas are doing well though they haven't grown much in length. As for the red beets; only two of the planted beats are alive. I opened the rest and did not find any traces of life, I couldn't even find the seeds. That is strange.

So now I have a bunch of buckets with life on the balcony instead of toilet paper rolls.

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Each seed will make on plant. Not all seeds grow t @ Oct 11th 2015 2:14
Each seed will make on plant. Not all seeds grow though, so plant more seeds than you need. When you plant your seeds, fololw the directions on the package. It will tell you how much dirt to put on top, how far to space each plant, and how long it will take for the seed to start growing. Water your plants whenever the soil feels dry. You don't want to over-water them so just make sure the soil is always damp.The best planters to start seeds are small styrofoam cups. Poke a little hole in the bottom to let the extra water out. Put that cup inside another one, without a hole, to catch th ewater so it doesn't make a mess. Good luck on your planting and on your project!
A pack of seeds will have a number of seeds in it, @ Oct 12th 2015 17:53
A pack of seeds will have a number of seeds in it, could be 25 or more. You soluhd put 2 or 3 seeds in each pot to make sure you get one to germinate. You will have to water the plant once a day before it sprouts to keep the soil moist. After it sprouts, you will water as needed, maybe once a day, maybe every other day. The soil soluhd not be soggy but soluhd not be allowed to completely dry out. Good luck. [url=]bndeeetg[/url] [link=]cknejbr[/link]
Oh my, I just watched the docenumtary No Impact Ma @ Oct 13th 2015 14:52
Oh my, I just watched the docenumtary No Impact Man this weekend and found myself wondering these very questions. It is so easy to get caught up in consumerism that every once-in-awhile it is good to ask ourselves these questions. While I'm not quite ready to give up toilet paper and electricity like No Impact Man did for the project, I have been noticing that I've been using more little plastic baggies. Perhaps this is one area that I can focus on using less of. Thanks for getting my wheels turning! [url=]amyvbjk[/url] [link=]mmfvbym[/link]

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