Drought season
Postad den 6 Apr 2010 vid 12:44

After dissecting some of the dead carrots I believe I know why they died; not enough water. I have now switched from spray watering to just pouring a nice splash of water on the carrots.

Flesh eating bacteria! Well.. not quite
Postad den 6 Apr 2010 vid 12:25

Looking at my plants today I noticed that the TP rolls were slightly deformed. They were deformed where the yellow mold was growing, some rolls had even small holes. It seems the mold is eating the TP rolls. Interesting.

Woke upp...
Postad den 4 Apr 2010 vid 14:43

Three carrots are looking dead-ish and two of the peas are hanging down.
Oh noes :(

Quick update
Postad den 4 Apr 2010 vid 1:53

One pea plant and one of the carrots have died, or at least are dying. The dying pea plant is not one of the replanted ones, they're doing fine. All of the carrots have really thin stalks, I'm afraid they'll all die.

Dirty fingers
Postad den 2 Apr 2010 vid 17:12

Tomatoes growing in TP rolls

Bucket with holes
Today I put six of my peas into their final home so to speak, I placed three peas into one 10 liter bucket. I cut holes in the bottom of the buckets, it felt bad ruining perfectly good buckets, they cost 10 kr each but that's not the point, but I digress. In the bottom I put some leca balls.

TP rolls cut open
I carefully cut open the TP rolls in order to extract the plant and not hurt it's roots. It was a bit as I feared; some of the soil and roots had grown stuck to the walls of the rolls so I had to gently nudge them to get them loose. Also, as I feared, some of the mold that was growing on the outside of the rolls had gotten inside. This might come back and bite me in the behind. A lesson learned for next time.

Mold on TP rolls
Here you can see the mold (black and yellow) growing on the rolls. I've tried to separate the rolls a bit in order to prevent mold growth.

Cardboard scoop
I recycled some pizza boxes; I made a soil scoop and I placed some pizza cardboard under the buckets with holes until I get myself proper plastic ones (underlays or whatever they're called).

4 strawberries
Here's my four wild strawberries, one of them has started to show signs of life I think, it's hard to see.

Red onion
The red onion.

Six peas growing in two buckets
Here's the peas in the buckets. I hope they didn't get too stressed from the move. It took 18 liters of soil. I should mention that I have no idea how much space the peas need, three in one bucket might be too cramped or it could be just fine.

The Mosters in the Garden
Postad den 2 Apr 2010 vid 1:03

I was just gonna go to bed; I was watering the plants as I do every night before going to bed and I saw that the peas have really grown. They've started to grab things and their roots have grown out of the bottom of the rolls and into other rolls! I've gotta carefully replant them ASAP tomorrow.

Spoils of the garden
Postad den 27 Mar 2010 vid 13:48

I just enjoyed the first spoils of my garden. "OMG! Already?!" you ask in disbelief. "Did the tomatoes grow already??" No. "The chili?" No. I planted a red onion that had started growing shoots. I recently learned that you can actually eat the shoots, so I cut them up and had 'em on a slice of toast. Tasted similar to grass onion, which I like very much. Mmm! Mmm!

Garden expansion pack "Red" installation complete!
Postad den 22 Mar 2010 vid 21:53

I have now expanded my "garden" with Red Beets and Woodland strawberries (a.k.a. Wild strawberries, a.k.a. European strawberries)!

I've planted 12 beets and 4 woodland strawberries.
Right after planting the beets I read that you're supposed to plant them in May, doh! I'm sure they'll be fine as I'm growing them indoors until the weather allows me to move them outside, so no risk for frost damage.

I have three TP roll units now, I created a new (smaller) one today. I also bought some cheap, plastic planting things. I used them for the woodland strawberries.

Hmm, what else.. I threw away two more tomato weaklings.

...and now even carrots
Postad den 22 Mar 2010 vid 14:33

The carrots have made an appearance.

There be beans
Postad den 20 Mar 2010 vid 12:08

The first beans are stretching up from the soil. Sweetness!

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