USA: Terrorist Groundhogs and Nazi Zombies.
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At a groundhog ceremony in Staten Island (not the one with Puxatawny Phil) the mayor was attacked by Chuck the groundhog. Although to me the video looks more like Chuck was under the one under attack.
The mayor kept trying to drag the little guy from his hut. The mayor repeatedly took Chuck’s corn away, trying to lure him out of his home. Chuck was a fast little guy grabbing the corn and darting back to safety. Finally Chuck had enough and took a chunk from the mayor’s hand.
The mayors response: “Given the heightened response against terrorism, and clearly in this case a terrorist rodent who could very well have been trained by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, I’m not at liberty to say any more than that.”(1).
So another provoked terrorist attack and another not so funny politician.

In other news today, America’s nerds are super duper cool. Apparently road signs in Indiana are being hacked according to Indiana’s channel 6 news.

"It's kind of crazy. I'm totally confused," said one motorist. "I'm
kind of expecting … dinosaurs to run down the road, or something."(2).

Another signs include, "Caution! Zombies Ahead!" and the best one of all, "Nazi Zombies! Run!!!"

(1) BOGART, STEVE. Violence and Controversy Mar Groundhog Day. <> February 2, 2009.

(2) Raptors Ahead' Sign Gets Stares, Chuckles. 2009,

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Blueroot @ Feb 3rd 2009 20:50
"Raptors ahead" haha I love it! :D
Alex @ Feb 4th 2009 6:56
It seems there is always time for a Hitler joke.

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