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Hade tråkigt idag så jag testade lite Omegle, det är en nedra chat där man slängs in i ett rum med en främling. Jag bestämde mig snart för att göra det lite intressant genom lite subtilt rollspelande. Gick igenom ca 10 pers av spammare och folk som inte högg på betet innan den här sköna snubben dök upp:


Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hello, sir or madam. I am your asigned evil overlord. How can I help you today?
Stranger: I...
Stranger: I..don't know
Stranger: what services do you provide
You: Can I interest you in some world domination perhaps?
Stranger: Too cliche
You: How about a good revenge? Remember to serve cold.
Stranger: Revenge sounds good...
Stranger: whats my motive?
You: hmm
You: Perhaps hate or general spite?
You: you know, unprovoced violence is really in right now
Stranger: Yes, I know but what with the media frenzy these days it has too look good for the cameras
Stranger: something justified
Stranger: but a little over the top
Stranger: \with a hint of crazy
You: Do you have a cat?
Stranger: In fact I do
You: Would you mind sticking your cat on a pole and put it up in your yard?
Stranger: go on...
You: we will suply a note with a surprise scenario that justifies blind rage and killing spree
Stranger: hmm do you have some sort of money back garuntee?
You: ofcourse, if you are not terrible and dead by the product. We will refund your money, blood and soul
Stranger: Terrible you say...
Stranger: Dead you say...
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: I think we might come to an agreement
You: Dead is the new living, you see
You: better get with the fad
Stranger: just how "dead" will I be?
Stranger: I dont want to half ass this
You: Oh, we guarantee a full and complete death.
You: our death methods are state of the art
Stranger: I tell you what...
Stranger: you throw in a knife set
Stranger: and we have a deal
Stranger: Thankgivings coming up
You: Great!
Stranger: and I have a turkey to carve
You: We will send you a contract wich you have to sign i blood, and then the mayhem will be in your hands i just a few workdays
Stranger: Thank you very much sir
Stranger: *handshake*
You: No. Thank You. Infernal industries has never left anyone less then disapointed.
You: Take the very least of care now. Bye
Stranger: Have a nice thanksgiving
You have disconnected.

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